#DrinkChenin - A toast to South Africa's favourite noble variety

The Chenin grape is incredibly versatile, which, depending on the winemaker's skill, can lead to a variety of delicious premium wines,
from off-dry and easy-drinking to crisp, wooded, and complex (the more effort the winemaker puts in, the greater the drinker's taste reward). And because Chenin is so widely planted in South Africa's Winelands (supposedly more than in France), there's an abundance of grapes from a variety of terroirs to choose from.
Take the Western Cape Winelands' Franschhoek Cellar La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc for example. A delicious partner for dishes like roast chicken, creamy pasta or sushi, it's made with a combination of grapes from both trellised and bush vines. This zesty wine has lively fruit and honeysuckle aromas and alluring tropical fruit and citrus deliciousness that'll delight those who take their Chenin tasting seriously.
Speaking of wine tasting, 20 June is #DrinkChenin Day, so why not take a photo of your personal experience of our proudly South African wine Franschhoek Cellar La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc? Pour your glass, share your thoughts, and send your image to us via Instagram DMs. We'll share your image on social media and help spread the word about one of the world's top Chenin-producing countries.

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